Hey girl you make me want to write a song chords

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Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah Ukulele Chords

Hey girl, you make me wanna write a song, Sit you down, I'll sing it to you all night long, I've had a melody in my head Since she walked in here and knocked me dead.

Yeah girl, you make me wanna write a song And it goes like ooh, What I wouldn't do To write my name on your heart, get you wrapped in my arms baby all around you. And it goes like hey, girl I'm blown away, Yeah it starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss, Yeah it goes like this.

Hey girl, you make me wanna drive you home, Get you outta here and get you all alone. "Hey Jude" is a song by English rock band the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon–McCartney.

The ballad evolved from "Hey Jules", a song McCartney wrote to comfort John Lennon's son, Julian, during his parents' divorce."Hey Jude" begins with a verse-bridge structure incorporating McCartney's vocal performance and piano accompaniment; further instrumentation is.

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Dr. Uke's ukulele chord diagrams. Contact Dr. Uke. Songs These song arrangements for the ukulele are provided by Doctor Uke for his students and/or patients. They are to be used for educational and/or medicinal purposes only.

I Want a Girl/I Want a Beer s BAR 67 ; I Want to be Happy s BAR 55. Transposer UkuTabs Transposer Choose how many half steps you wish to transpose the chords in this song and click Bm G A Bm I’d write it all, Even more in love with me you’d fall, A We’d have it all They are best known for "Hey There Delilah", an acoustic song performed solely by singer Tom Higgenson originally released in and.

MEDLEYS. Because the song s that we play tend to be short if there is no instrumental soloist to improvise or to play an extra verse, we put several songs together as medleys.

Hey girl you make me want to write a song chords
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